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Cellex-C is the creator of the original, patented formulation of topical vitamin C that pioneered the present use and worldwide interest of vitamin C as an anti-aging skin care treatment.

Since its introduction in 1991, Cellex-C continues to be the most effective topical vitamin C product available to physicians and skin care professionals for combating the visible signs of aging. Our original, patented formulation remains the benchmark by which all other topical vitamin C products are measured.

This unique formulation was invented by Dr. Lorraine Meisner, a cell biologist and cytogenecist, and pathologist Dr. Michael Schinitsky, as a result of clinical research on wound healing and related corrective tissue diseases. In these studies, they discovered that the topical application of L-Ascorbic Acid, Zinc and L-Tyrosine was extremely effective in:

  • Maintaining and improving smoothness and elasticity in the skin

  • Visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Giving the skin the ability to look and act 5-10 years younger


Image comparatif avant et après utilisation du traitement Cellex-C sur Darkly Handsome
Left: treated area / Right: untreated area


 Many celebrities and personalities

using Cellex-C!

Serum AGELESS 15 Cellex-C
technology for the skin unique in the world!

• A true innovation in the technology of anti-aging, the AGELESS 15 serum represents a new approach to maintaining youthful skin.
Tests show that after a daily application of the serum the skin appears younger.

• It is possible to treat the skin with Ageless 15 on mornings and evenings. In this case it is useful to follow a particular protocol (see the direction given on the AGELESS 15 complet anti-aging serum sheet)

• The ideal is to use AGELESS 15 at NIGHT only and then on THE MORNING to clean and tone the skin then treat it with the High Potency Serum formula for wrinkles with vitamin C, and finally moisturize with the acid hyalorunic anti-wrinkle moisturizing gel HYDRA 5B complex

› These two complementary products to Ageless 15 are available in bottles of :
♦ 2 x 15 ml starter kit
♦ in vial of 30 ml per unit
♦ or as a complete treatment for face and eyes (trio miracle).


Joan Collins Ageless 15
Joan Collins - 75 years "Dynasty". Assigns his youth serum Ageless15 (New York Times article in May 2008)

Important: We can deliver all products Cellex-C. Those who are not listed on the site can be ordered through our supplier. Thank you to contact us.

Marque Cellex-C Graphique des résultats après utilisation des traitements Cellex-C Darkly Handsome

Graph showing the results after use of Cellex-C products. 84.2% reduction of wrinkles.