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E-shave founder, Danielle Malka, lived as a professional artist before making her mark in the beauty industry. Her career began as a marketing consultant in the toiletries sector, where she was immersed in the world of beauty for several European companies. Danielle successfully marketed European brands in the prestige market. In the early 90's, Danielle changed the way the world thinks and talk about shaving. By introducing the concept of education to barbers in the U.K., and then passing their trade tips onto consumers, she developed a reputation for herself as the premier shaving expert. In May 1996, Danielle combined her artistic and enterpreneurial talents to create e-Shave, a collection of sophisticated shaving essentials defined by their unique style and unparalleled luxury. She designed and hand-sculpted contemporary, a esthetically-pleasing tools and accessories that ultimately modernized the wet-shaving tradition. Developed to bring superior performance and elegance to the daily ritual of shaving, e-Shave is unique in its formulations and artictry. Danielle continues to design the handmade, sculpted razors, badger brushes and shave stands herself. E-Shave's collection of luxurious shave soaps, oils, and creams are all developed to her specifications, ensuring unparalleled results and premium quality. To this day, e-Shave is the only company that hand-sculpts its own fashionable, modern, artistic designs to appeal to the tastes of aesthetically discriminating and design concious women and men. By reviving the concept of wet shaving, Danielle stimulated a category explosion.