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4VOO (pronounced “forvous”) is an innovative Canadian skin care & cosmetic's company that offers the luxurious experience of enhancing the appearance, confidence, and allure of men.

4VOO is dedicated to producing premium skin care and enhancement products that work with a man's skin to provide lasting visible results. 4V00 searches the world for the best ingredients and technologies available. products are then developed using the expertise of a team of independent Industry specialists. our formulations are extensively tested for desired results, and only when we are satisfied, do our reputable laboratories carefully blend small batches to ensure maximum effectiveness.

this synergistic approach is timely, and it produces a superior product.
4VOO distinct man™ required two years to develop, and once you use it you will understand why.

4VOO does not use animals to test our products.

distinct man™ is our premium quality product line, specifically formulated for a man who is not afraid to be sexy, likes to have fun, and appreciates luxury. It is for the man who is a leader in everything that he does, and understands that his grooming, and appearance are vital to his professional and personal success.