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From advanced biotechnology, our range for men is highly HYDRATING* AND PROTECTIVE.
Our anti-aging formulas help maintain the beauty of the skin and protect against free radicals.
With an innovative active ingredient : marine EPS (ExoPolySaccharide). Moisturising* effect lasts 6
times longer and is 50% more efficient than hyaluronic acid. Protective effect prevents 60% of the
ageing action due to hydroxyl radical.
Our main goals are : EFFICIENCY with natural ingredients and SENSORIALITY with light and
comfortable textures and a fresh marine fragrance.


Marine seaweeds used in cosmetics provide the skin with all ingredients needed to maintain
its balance : AMINO ACIDS have a nutritive and tonifying effect, MINERALS hydrate* and
remove oil excess, TRACE ELEMENTS fight against wrinkles and have an anti aging action,
VITAMINS help skin renewal.


For L'HOMME ET LA MER natural elements are our inspiration in formulating products that
provide comfort and well being. That is why we have chosen to develop a range of organic
and ecological cosmetics. Our motivations are :
Respect for man - Safety and traceability - Respect for environment - Richness of natural
ingredients - Animals protection.


L'homme et la mer