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A man that takes care of his appearance, that finds within the peace of mind, body and soul he needs, a man in his time; an active, presentable, casual man that is sure of himself while holding on to his style and uniqueness...

Even with its "offbeat" graphic design and functionalities, the website is still elegant, sober and intimate. It is a place where one can freely research about beauty care and have his opinions heard; a platform of essential interactions to enrich one day and for the pleasure of all.

Darkly Handsome exceeded in creating innovative concepts, such as personalized gift baskets and subscriptions dedicated to the universe of care. It proposes a partnership program and a VIP salon in which Darkly Handsome organizes private sales. The Darkly Handsome gift cards were conceived to operate through a personalized and high-quality support service. And, most importantly, this universe is presented on a unique website accessible to men all over the world.

The Darkly Handsome team is ready today and always to follow, guide and listen to men's every desires and needs, allowing them to take care of their appearance. The products available on the website are chosen not only for their quality and the esteem of their brands, but also by their ability to make men beautiful both inside and out. These are the essential conditions a man to feel comfortable in his own skin: that of a modern-day man.

The Darkly Handsome brand is registered trademark by the INPI and the OHMI.