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Alum Block natural 60gr

2.11 Oz - 60 g

DH Cosmetics

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The Alum is a mineral natural astringent, haemostatic and antiseptic. He has a deodorant action allowing to reduce sweating.

Alum Block natural 60gr

Full Description

The Alum Block 70 gr is a mineral 100% natural bar made of naturally extracted alum and potassium.

  • The alum has hemostatic properties and stops bleeding instantly, in the event of a nick.
  • The potassium has antiseptic and astringent properties to tone the skin and close the pores skin and close the pores after shaving.

Antiperspirant virtue :

  • - The Alum Block is soluble in water. Once moisturized, it leaves a thin layer of mineral salts on the skin, this way it stops the growth of bacteria, source of body odours.
  • - Hypoallergenic Properties: The Alum Block is perfectly tolerated by all, even the most sensitive skin.
  • - Odourless: The Alum Block has no smell.
  • - Easy to use: Simply apply the Alum Block on wet skin (face, underarms, feet ...) since the block is soluble in water.


Alum Block natural 60gr


To stop bleeding instantly in the event of a cut, run Alum Block under water and gently apply moistened stone to cut area.

After shaving to cleanse the skin and to close the pores, run the Alum Block under cool water and rub it lightly against the skin. It acts as an astringent.

Other uses

  • As a natural deodorant use after shaving the underarm. Run Alum Block under cold water and rub it lightly on the underarm.
  • As a pimple fixer, wet the Alum Block and rub over pimple until it leaves a deposit of salt on pimple. It is best to use overnight while sleeping.
  • Keep Alum block handy in the kitchen, tool or tackle box, even for the kids; use it anywhere you might get cut.


Alum Block natural 60gr

Precaution for use

For external use only.

Alum Block natural 60gr


Potassium Alun 70gr - 100% natural

Alum Block natural 60gr

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Alum Block natural 60gr


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Alum Block natural 60gr

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Alum Block natural 60gr

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Alum Block natural 60gr

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