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High-Potency Serum anti-wrinkles

1 fl. oz - 30 ml

Gamme Anti Age Cellex-C

129,00 €

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The Patented Cellex-C Complex in High-Potency Serum works synergistically to encourage a firm, youthful, elastic quality in the skin. Regular use will make skin look 5 to 10 years younger!

High-Potency Serum anti-wrinkles

Full Description

The Patented Cellex-C Complex (L-ascorbic acid 10% + zinc + tyrosine) in High-Potency Serum works synergistically to encourage a firm, youthful, elastic quality in the skin. Regular use will make skin look 5 to 10 years younger.

Complex required to work best on areas of the face that are prone to develop wrinkles, age spots or sagging skin. Contains 10% L-ascorbic acid - the only form of vitamin C that the body can recognize and utilize to promote collagen production.

Vitamin C is essential for maintaining the skin's youthful smoothness and elasticity. Unfortunately, as we age, free radicals break down the body's vitamin C supplies and healthy collagen production consequently declines. The visible result is loose and wrinkled skin.

The purpose of Cellex-C's core formulations is to help replenish the low vitamin C levels of aging skin and thus help the production of new, elastic collagen. Cellex-C is designed to topically deliver up to twenty times more active vitamin C than your body can orally absorb. It is suitable for use on all skin types and color.

The Cellex-C Difference:

The Cellex-C patented formulation contains a stabilized form of vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), plus two naturally occurring chemical ‘helpers' (zinc and tyrosine) that help in the delivery of vitamin C through to the skin's active cellular layer. Zinc levels decline with age, yet zinc must be present within the skin to create the right conditions for collagen to build its firming network.

For new collagen to be constructed, the old stiffened collagen must be dismantled, this is achieved by an enzymatic process involving collagenase. Zinc is an essential component of collagenase. Tyrosine is a very important amino acid needed for promoting cell renewal and the production of proteins involved in skin remodeling and repair.

Only Cellex-C's Patented Complex has a precise formulation utilizing the nutrients that must be present to support the skin enhancing properties stimulated by vitamin C.

How soon will you see results ?

Cellex-C will be absorbed into your skin and start its work immediately. However, visible results will not be seen in less than two months - a difference in skin texture may be felt a little sooner. Fine lines should begin to be less noticeable within three to eight months. Of course, individual results vary upon the initial condition of the skin and the length of use.


High-Potency Serum anti-wrinkles


Apply once a day to freshly cleansed and toned skin. Using the glass pipette provided, squeeze 2-3 drops of the serum into the palm of your hand.

Dip your fingertips into the fluid and gently wipe over your entire face and neck. Avoid the eye area, hairline and eyebrows. Allow one minute for the serum to be absorbed, until the skin is touch-dry. Follow with Cellex-C Hydr 5 B Complex, then a moisturiser (and/or sunscreen in the morning).

NOTE: If you are using Alpha Hydroxy Acids, use them at night and Cellex-C Serum in the morning.

High-Potency Serum anti-wrinkles

Precaution for use

For external use only. Discontinue use if skin irritation occurs. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush thoroughly with water, keep out of reach of children. If swallowed, get medical help immediately.

High-Potency Serum anti-wrinkles


Water (Aqua), Ascorbic Acid, Acetyl Tyrosine, Zinc Sulfate, Sodium Hyaluronate, Bioflavonoid Patented Cellex-C Complex internationally protected by U.S. patent N° 4,938,969. For this product, durability is less than 30 months and in accordance with the regulations on labeling, packaging indicates an expiry date "Best used before the end mm / yyyy". It may be used in the following weeks without any risk. The product remains compliant and keeps all its cosmetic quality during the periodrecommended for use. It must be used within six months after its opening. For more information see the FAQ section or contact us.

High-Potency Serum anti-wrinkles

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High-Potency Serum anti-wrinkles


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High-Potency Serum anti-wrinkles

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High-Potency Serum anti-wrinkles

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High-Potency Serum anti-wrinkles

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